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5 Ways to Break Your Plateau & Boost Your Motivation

As we swing into Spring, and you begin to get back in the gym again (after your failed New Year’s resolution attempt), breaking your plateau and boosting your motivation should be priority.

In the beginning of the year, often times people will dash to the gym, giving it 110% effort the whole way. They alter diets and are determined to give it their all. Everything appears to be going great, until a month or two later. Life happens and things get in the way. The gym gets pushed back and the diet gets put on hold. Even worse, the motivation comes plummeting down to an all-time low.

That’s when these “newbies” give up on it all and go back to their old habits. They take all that progress and hard work and flush it down right down the drain.

Are you finding yourself stuck in the same scenario? If so, it’s not the end. All you need to do is find that drive again.


Getting Your Motivation Back

Having the drive and willpower to succeed is what will help you push through any of the challenges and adversity that you will face. The key is to keep that motivation elevated throughout the process to give you the edge you need to continue.

If you’re having trouble trying to get that extra ‘step’ back into your walk, you’re in luck. Check out the following 5 motivation boosting methods below. They will not only help you get back your focus, but you will finally be able to zero in on the goals you set at the turn of the year – and absolutely crush them!


#1 – Understand the Lifestyle Change

In order to cement your fitness goals, break your plateau, and make them become a reality, you need to view working out as a lifestyle change and not another ‘chore’. Understanding that it requires a change in the way that you live and how you shape your priorities is crucial to your success. When you are able to grasp this concept, working out no longer becomes dreadful – it becomes something you enjoy actually look forward to!

You cannot be healthy, in shape and reach your physical peak without exercise. Once you realize that it needs to be a habit worked into your life, it will become second nature.


#2 – Focus on the Journey, Not the End.

Do you often find yourself looking so far into the future that you actually forget what you’re doing in the present? If so, you could be killing your drive and determination without even knowing it!

The number one reason for failure is due to people focusing on how far they have left to go, rather than how far they’ve gone. 95% of success is in the journey itself. This is where the true transformation and change takes place. Once you stop focusing so much on how far you have to go until you reach the end, everything will start to come together and your motivation will come crawling back.


#3 – Write, Analyze & Adjust

Tracking progress is a great way to keep your motivation elevated. My “Write, Analyze and Adjust” process is an easy solution to help you stay on track. The concept is simple:

-          Write down your workout stats daily, along with weekly weight and body measurements

-          Analyze your numbers every week. Compare them to your previous stats to check for progress and improvements.

-          Adjust your workout routine & diet accordingly.

By keeping a close eye on your progress and actually seeing the results on paper, you will be driven to succeed and unwilling to give up any improvements you’ve made and will allow you to break your plateau much sooner.


#4 – Find a Support Group

Sometimes, you just need a swift kick in the behind to get your butt in gear. That’s when a support group comes in handy. Getting together with others who have similar goals is a great way to keep the motivation high. These are the people you can turn to when you’re feeling down, sluggish and ready to throw in the towel.

Sitting down and talking with someone who has the same goals and aspirations as you can do wonders for your self-esteem and focus. It helps you vent your frustrations and get encouragement and valuable feedback on your progress. Knowing that someone else believes in you is a great way to get your willpower back in check!

One thing to remember – support groups are a two-way street. Those who you look to for a boost may also turn to you for the same thing. Feeding off of each other’s energy is vital to get the most benefit from a team of supporters. Always make sure you are willing to help others who are willing to help you.


#5 – To Break Your Plateau, Use Visuals Every Chance You Get.

Visuals are incredibly powerful motivators and can be used to help you break your plateau. Many motivated individuals see them as the fuel that adds to the fire. For those suffering from a lack of ‘gusto’, however, they can be the spark that simply ignites the flame.

What is a ‘visual’, exactly? It’s nothing more than something you physically see that motivates you. If that’s still confusing, just take a look below at a few different examples and methods you can use to enhance your motivation with a simple visual:

-          Take a “before” photo of yourself and lug it around in your purse/wallet. Each time you have the urge to skip the gym or spend a day eating junk food, pull out that photo. Do you still want to look like that (or worse)?

-          Find your favorite motivational quotes and images. Put them up in areas where you will always see them (refrigerator, your desk at work, bathroom mirror, the dash of your car and so on).

-          Search for your favorite motivational videos online and watch them any time that you feel like skipping a workout.

If you’re feeling down and thinking about giving up, just give these at least one of these examples a chance. You will be shocked at how effective they really are!


Break You Plateau. Keep Moving Forward.

Making exercise a priority in your life can be a challenge at first (especially if you haven’t been as active as you should be).The longer you continue to strive to push forward, the easier it will become. While you will eventually run into those days where getting in a workout seems like climbing a mountain, you now have the tools necessary to get over those hurdles.

Here’s to breaking through your plateau and making this year your best one yet!


Author Bio/Byline:

Bryan Hufford is a fitness and nutrition writer and enthusiast. He is also the author of the Amazon Title “Lose Weight Fast – Your 5 Step Weight Loss Plan”.

You can learn more about Bryanand discover more advanced tips and advice on fitness, nutrition, strength training and weight loss at his blog –