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Workowt! Magazine Interview Station
Workowt! Magazine Interview Station

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Workowt! Magazine Interview Station

Please answer 10 or more of the following interview questions:

1) When and how did you start training?

2) Describe what an average day in your life is like.

3) Free weights or machines? What's your preference?

4) What personal workout routine has yielded the best results for you?

Use this field to outline your workowt routine.

(You may also upload a .doc or .pdf file below.)

5) What is your favorite workout and body-part to train?

6) What does your cardiovascular routine consist of? How often?

7) We all experience days when we'd rather stay home and skip out on a workout.
What keeps you motivated and focused?

8) What does your diet consist of? Any favorite cheat foods?

Use this field to outline your diet plan.

(You may also upload a .doc or .pdf file below.)

9) How do you fend off your cravings for junk food, salt, or other unhealthy foods?

10) What supplements do you take? (If any)

Workowt! Magazine Interview Station

11) What are your current fitness goals?

12) What do you listen to when you Workout?

13) What are you most proud of? (Awards, Life Achievements, Etc.)

14) How have you benefited most from your fit and healthy lifestyle?

15) Who inspires you the most?

(This can be your favorite athlete, or anyone else you wish to acknowledge.)

16) What are some the biggest obstacles you've faced in achieving your fitness goals?
What sacrifices have you made along the way?

17) What 3 tips would you give someone wishing to obtain a beyond ordinary physique like yours?

18) WorkOwt! Magazine is focused on helping our readers excel 'Beyond Ordinary'.
What 's the #1 piece of advice you'd give to someone wishing to push beyond their ordinary thresholds?

19) What are you doing when you're not working out?

20) Any favorite motivational quote(s)?

(This can either be a personal quote, or someone you wish to credit.)

Any recipes you wish to share with our readers?

You may Share up to 3 recipes. (.pdf, or .doc file-types preferred.)

WorkOwt! Magazine Interview Station

Please provide us with at least 10 of your best professional photos (15 preferred).

Give credit to the photographer where applicable. Limit 10mb.
















Would you like us to feature any videos of yourself? If so, please provide us with the link to the videos below. (3 videos, max.)


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