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WO Interview ► Sandi Forsythe

Athlete Profile

Name:  Sandi Forsythe

Weight: 123

Height: 5’6

Location: Colorado

Sport: IFBB Bikini Pro

Years Training: 3

Professional Affiliations: IFBB

Sponsors: Maximum Human Performance- MHP


When and how did you start training?

I began training with Cameron and Tracy Bodner (Team Total Package) in January of 2011. I started with them initially training for the Colorado State Show. I participated in the State Show and the Colorado Natural — qualifying for Nationals at both shows.

I participated in my first national show in November of 2011. I took an off-season between Nov 2011- Feb 2012 to build some size. I competed at Jr. Nations and then USA’s. I earned my pro card at USA’s in Las Vegas in July 2012. Of course, when I began training, my goal was to physically change my physique after the birth of my trio and do something that challenged me outside of being a busy mommy. As I progressed and my body began to change, so too did my dreams. It was after my first national level show that I began to dream of that pro card and knew that I was going to have to work really hard in my off-season to reach my dreams.

Describe what an average day in your life is like.

I typically wake up between 5/6AM and do fasting high intensity cardio. I return home and wake my triplets, get them ready for pre-school, have my coffee and meal 1, then drop them off at 9AM. If I have weight training, I train between 9-11AM when my trio is at school.

My afternoons are spent with my kids, and sometimes hitting another cardio session! I am working on my Masters degree so I attend school on Wednesday nights and have school work to complete throughout the week. It’s crazy with 3 5-year-olds but it keeps me moving!


Free weights or machines? What’s your preference?

I do a little of both! I change my workout routine approximately every 6 weeks and I like to add variety- keeps my body guessing!


What personal workout routine has yielded the best results for you?

I’m a big fan of FST7! I have seen the most gains with this program and like the program layout!

What is your favorite workout and body-part to train?

I never use to like legs and hated training them; however I have seen so many gains in my leg training that I now love leg days and look forward to them! A close second would be shoulders!


What does your cardiovascular routine consist of? How often?

It really depends on how far out from a show I am and where my body is at and needs to be by show date! I love high intensity interval training, and like to do as many fasting cardio sessions as I can per week. As I near show time I toss in some additional low intensity sessions. I am obsessed with the stair climber!


We all experience days when we’d rather stay home and skip out on a Workout. What keeps you motivated and focused?

When I lack motivation I think of the other athletes preparing for similar shows. I always want to be working my hardest and pushing myself to be the best me I can be on show date! I also keep a log book of my cardiovascular goals and weight training goals; this keeps me motivated and holds me accountable in the gym!


What does your diet consist of? Any favorite cheat foods?

Again it really depends on where my body is, and how far out I am from a show! I generally do carbohydrates at meals 1, 2, and 3, and fats later in the day. I stick to mostly lean turkey, chicken and fish. I do enjoy cheat meals and my favorite cheat treats are frozen yogurt, french fries, and peanut butter cookies!


How do you fend off your cravings for junk food, salt, or other unhealthy foods?

I think variety and supplementation is key to warding off cravings! I use a variety of spices, veggies, and combinations to keep my diet as interesting as it can be. I enjoy creating new recipes and altering old ones to fit into my diet. I also include Mhp’s Chocolate Protein Pudding; I love this product! It tastes like a treat, helps ward off unwanted cravings, but is high in protein and low in carbs and fat- SCORE!

What supplements do you use? (If any.)

I am a sponsored athlete with MHP so I use all their products throughout my prep! I typically take Probolic SR pre-workout along with Anadrox. I love all the products as they are clean sources of protein that I can use throughout my prep for a show! During my workout I take BCAA’s. Post workout I use either the Probolic SR or Iso Fast. I also love the 8 HourAlert for my busy days when I need a little pick me up!


What are your current fitness goals?

To compete in my first pro show and continue to push my body! I hope to improve myself each time I step on stage. Setting goals and working toward them is key to staying motivated and dedicated!


What do you listen to when you Workout?

Anything and everything!

What are you most proud of?

My three beautiful triplets, earning my Pro card, and maintaining my 4.0 status in a masters program.


How have you benefited most from your fit and healthy lifestyle?

For me the biggest benefit is seeing the healthy life style impact on my children and the choices they make. My drive and passion for fitness comes from my desire to live and set a healthy example for my beautiful triplets! Fitness is a lifestyle, not a hobby!

Who inspires you the most?

My children inspire me every day!!  Anyone who has pushed themselves, worked hard, remained dedication, and followed through to reach a goal inspires me!


What are some the biggest obstacles you’ve faced in achieving your fitness goals? What sacrifices have you made along the way?

Some of the greatest obstacles I have faced in reaching my fitness goals are those that I let stand in the way. My own expectations, insecurities, and hesitations are the only things that stood in the way of me reaching my goals. Once I started believing in me, I began to reach new heights and challenge myself in ways I thought were not possible. The only thing standing in the way was ME! Once you believe you can achieve something you begin to train like it and act like it!

WorkOwt! Magazine is focused on helping our readers excel ‘Beyond Ordinary’. What ‘s the #1 piece of advice you’d give to someone wishing to push beyond their ordinary thresholds?

The best advice I can give anyone looking to make lasting changes in their physical abilities and pushing beyond ordinary thresholds is find a TRAINER. I feel that the accountability, expertise, and knowledge that can come from a solid trainer is priceless. In order to push beyond your ordinary thresholds you must have a trainer who is able to manipulate your diet, and workouts in order to excel your body beyond ordinary. Look for a trainer or training team that offers weekly diets and intense training programs; to include cardiovascular training.


Sandi, what are you doing when you’re not working out?

When I am not working out I spend time with my triplets at the park, riding bikes, or playing games. I also help in their pre-school room and love spending time with my children! Along with caring for my busy 5 year olds I am working toward my Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I like to stay active and enjoy any outdoor activities.


What’s your favorite motivational quote?

Sometimes you have to take the leap and grow your wings on the way down!


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