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Founder’s Letter | WorkOwt! Magazine

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<center>Hayden Alerte<br />Founder &amp; Editor-in-chief of WorkOwt™ Magazine.</center>
Hayden Alerte
Founder & Editor-in-chief of WorkOwt™ Magazine.

It was the annual Independence Day  barbecue. My gut hung over my swim-trunks as I gobbled down my 5th cheeseburger. While I eagerly awaited another, members of my family began exhaustively mocking and ridiculing me for being overweight. It was at that moment I thought to my myself, I finally had enough. My journey toward better health and fitness would begin right then and there. Although I was only 12-years old at the time,  and had no real knowledge on how or where to start, one thing was certain… I was committed to elevating my fitness and health well beyond ordinary.



1000 Sit-Ups per Day!

Hayden Alerte &#8211; October (2010)
Hayden Alerte – October (2010)

It sounds crazy in hindsight, but that’s really how I kick-started my journey. My first objective was to transform my doughy “bread-rolls” into a solid wash-board, and I foolishly thought, 1000 sit-ups per day would get me there. After all, I figured if it had worked for some of the world-class sprinters I admired at the time, then it should work for me, right?  I’m glad to say even though I did eventually develop a decent set of abs, it had much more to do with a change in diet coupled with a consistent workout schedule than with my 1000 sit-ups per day alone.

I still have the abs I once sought, and although I started my journey at a rather young age, the fundamental principles of what helped shape my physique then, are still very much responsible for the physique I maintain today; one of those principles I continue to live by is the concept of pushing myself beyond ordinary.

Today, I’m a medical graduate, writer, entrepreneur, and an active fitness and health enthusiast. My decision to secure a medical degree compliments both my passion for continued learning and promoting a healthy lifestyle, as well as my desire to wholly serve humanity.

I started WorkOwt! Magazine as a way to inspire others to elevate their health and fitness beyond their ordinary thresholds — to give people a blueprint they can follow — to help establish and promote new fitness and health standards.

I genuinely hope WorkOwt! Magazine will continuously serve as the guide to raising your fitness and health beyond ordinary. Best of luck to you on your journey.  -Hayden 

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