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Increase Your Testosterone Levels Naturally

There certainly is no gain without any pain in weight training, which happens to be among the toughest of sports. It’s the sport most associated with the hypertrophying of muscles through resistance training, coupled with appropriate calorie consumption. It certainly requires investing an ample amount of time in the gym as you sweat a considerable amount of your body’s salts working on your fitness equipment.

It is truly exasperating and tormenting whenever you don’t gain results despite beating your body up day in and day out of the gym. You perform rep after rep, set after set, only to bulk those muscles up a few millimeters at a time. You leave absolutely no stone unturned — excessively sweating on the equipment — while discouragement begins to mount as you fail, yet again, to hit any major milestones in your strength. Frustrating, I know.

For most people, it’s best to first revise and modify their diet (since 80% of what you look is dependent on what goes into your body). However, for others, it is possible they may be struggling with a hormonal deficiency; their body may not be producing enough testosterone (the male sex hormone responsible for your overall well being).

If this happens to be your problem, one of the simplest ways to naturally boost your testosterone levels is to increase the amount of leg exercises you do overall (preferably with heavier weight).

Your legs should constitute the bulk of your body’s mass. Many individuals make the mistake of beginning their workout routines with their upper body – only to save their leg routines for last. Or better yet, they will convince themselves that because they spent their time exhausting their upper bodies that they now lack the energy to workout their most powerful muscles efficiently – their legs.

In choosing to neglect your legs, not only do you run the likelihood of resembling a warped out, chicken-legged cartoon character (i.e. Johnny Bravo), but you also lose out on the body’s naturally way to boosting your testosterone levels. The more testosterone your body produces, the stronger you become. And unlike those who experiment with anabolic steroids, your natural strength won’t be quick to fade. On the contrary, you will keep getting stronger and will more likely hold on to your gains for the better half of your lifetime (of course, providing you remain consistent with your workouts).

The key to getting stronger is in your legs. You should begin every training session with some form of leg exercise. Although many trainers advise 1-2 days per week, if your legs are lagging behind your growing upper body, a good way to get them caught up would be to alternate the training your quads and hamstrings each time you exercise; squat today, leg-press tomorrow. This style of training can widely open doors to the type of conditioning that will make it possible for you to appropriately squat double your bench-press in no time.

If you are not currently doing so, you too should work toward squatting (at least) double your bench-press. Believe it or not, your legs are already begging to be much stronger than your upper body; you simply have to give them what they’re already asking for. Once you do so, your body will benefit from a noticeable increase in strength, elevated libido (sex-drive), and you’ll adapt a more confident and powerful stride to your step. So, place your egos (and excuses) aside and do not neglect those legs! Your body (and butt) will thank you.