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The Benefits of Strength Training

The advantages of a great strength training program are countless. If you workout with weights, you are less likely to suffer from illness, more likely to experience and attract happiness, and above all, benefit from the added confidence which comes with feeling strong, healthy, and fit.

Strength training should be an integral part of everyone’s workout agenda. Even if you’re a very busy individual and low on time, strength training, in accordance with the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine), should be done at least 2-3 times per week — each session lasting for at least 1 hour. For just a few hours a week, substantial benefits could be realized.


Regular strength training will:

  • help you with the activities of everyday living, including the chores around the house and your backyard. It will allow you to remain self-sufficient and independent throughout the remainder of your life, which is particularly important to the older population. (Envision yourself being being unable to lift a five-pound bag of sugar or take out the trash.)
  • reduce the risk of developing brittle bones (osteoporosis),  diabetes and hypertension.
  • assist in eliminating lower back pain.
  • increase bone mass (which is certainly essential for post-menopausal women).
  • develop lean muscle mass, which melts away the fat laden calories you may consume throughout your day.

Despite the benefits mentioned above, many people are reluctant to begin a proper strength training program. Concerns normally include personal injury, inappropriate form, embarrassment and ridicule, and for the ladies; the unwillingness to develop their muscles, in fear they will look like men.

Whenever starting your own strength training program, the danger of getting injured can be cut down tremendously by beginning with machines in lieu of free weights. As you grow confident with the machines, gradually advance to using free strengths. If you then wish to stay with the machines, understand they will provide similar benefits to free strengths. With regards to the question that women will look like men, it will not happen unless you’re taking an anabolic inducer (i.e. steroids), which you should never consider using anyhow.

Strength training benefits your health in ways that cannot be unleashed with any other type of exercise. Typically we associate becoming healthy, with eating greens and running miles. Although they are beneficial, strength training should never be overlooked.

Ladies and gentlemen, I implore you to pick up your dumbbells in unison, and Workowt!